Product Concept

Business - as an enterprise we accompany the furniture throughout its life cycle. The customer buys according to his needs, the configured shelf is composed of individually newly produced parts as well as refurbished elements. The use of standard dimensions in the configuration encourages the use of refurbished parts, with the incentive of significantly lower acquisition costs for the customer. Over the course of the ownership / rental period, the system can be expanded and adapted to changing needs through the purchase of additional parts.

Variability - based on the dynamic approach to ownership of the shelving system, variability is a prerequisite for adaptability, longevity and customization. The system can be scaled down as well as extended and can thus be tailored to changing life situations.

Usage - the usage of the system is based on the purposes of storage, management and presentation of possessions. Open, visible areas subliminally serve as presentation areas for emotional and personally relevant items.Closing and concealing individual zones prevents visual chaos and creates enclosed storage space.